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  • Ciane St'Eve


Feminist photo for Ciane Blog 3

I consider myself a feminist; I love men, I am married, I wear steel boned corsets, false eyelashes and fake tan; I have stopped short of plastic surgery, but I support people who feel the need for it in their lives.

But these are all expressions of my identity, I am the girl who never grew out of the dress-up box and I am happy to bring it into my adult life. I have used it to play with people’s conceptions of image, and I have spent a lot of my career working ideas around image and perceptions of image,

  • Team EKO

Six Tips for Making the Leap to Meaningful Work

dreams dont workWe love this piece from Roman Krznaric, Ph.D., a founding faculty member of The School of Life in London

The idea of fulfilling work—a job that reflects our passions, talents, and values—is a modern invention. Open Dr. Johnson’s celebrated Dictionary, published in 1755, and the word “fulfilment” doesn’t even appear. But today our expectations are higher,

  • Team EKO

5 Steps to Building Meaningful Relationships

simple hello

This is a great piece published by Michelle Maros, Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life’s Creative Director and resident writer.  We think it’s really worth sharing with our EKO family…

Relationships– the enigma of our lives. They can bring us so much joy and at times so much sadness. Relationships are a core part of life, and meaningful, positive relationships are key to living life in peace. From early childhood to the present moment

  • Ciane St'Eve

Chop, chop and the bearded ladies

Ciane St Eve Blog 2 - Chop - Conchita Wurst

I’m pondering the not so superficial things, like hair length (mine) and facial hair, two things which at first glance may seem unconnected, and have nothing to do with self-image discovery and women’s empowerment.  So let’s rip the scab off and see what oozes out.

Not only as women does our hair somehow become matrimonial property (even if you’re not married!) but everyone has an opinion on it. Then, stupidly, some of us (myself included) listen to other people’s opinions and forget about what “I” might like and what might be best for “me”! 

  • Lisa Clausen

5 tips about making change happen & 5 ideas around what could be stopping you

respect yourself

I know I probably don’t need to tell you that you need to change in order to grow. The moment you stop changing, you stop growing. When you choose not to grow your positive experiences of life begin to diminish.  It’s okay if you choose not to grow of course :o) If, however, you’re keen to learn more you might be glad of a few tips to change up your life in a manageable way:

1. Slow yourself down to examine your life and make the room for change.
2. It takes work, it’s your life – nobody can change it but you. And you can.

  • Team EKO

“You need seven hours of leisure a day to be happy.”

* This piece has been posted by us but was written by The Guardian newspaper in the UK.
A new survey suggests people need seven hours of leisure a day to be happy. Few have that much – but there are some ways you can give yourself a break. Even if you are a working parent.

  • Lisa Clausen

What living your Truth doesn’t mean

We focus a lot on living your truth – because at EkoYou we really believe in it. In the process of finalising website content and things, I was reminded by something I read that there are some watch-outs when you set about living your best life. 

  • Ciane St'Eve

Lego Hair, and the Non-existence of Self

lego hair2

This is a gross generalisation; women of (my) Generation X are panicking at the inevitable advance of age and how they should negotiate it.

All epic journeys have a beginning and a great place to start is at the top. Ask yourself the question ‘Do I have Lego Hair?’ Do you wear your hair or does your hair wear you? What to do if you do have Lego Hair? There are technical details which we will go into at a later date but more importantly … could it be that it just isn’t you? It has a non-existence of self; there is none of YOU in it.