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Practising One-on-One Compassion & 6 Steps to Guide You

Judging a personIn part one of this article on compassion we looked at how compassion is affecting me. In part two I will look a little more inwardly at my journey of compassion, and some things I’m working on, and that you can try, to be more compassionate.

“How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.” – Paul Coelho

On one side of the coin we have compassion. On the other is lack of compassion – coldness.

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Compassion makes you stronger

your beliefsA slight deviation this week from looking at what you need to live and achieve your dreams. I thought I’d encourage you to look at something a bit different. Something reflective, that helps us all become stronger.

Lisa and I have not long returned from Vanuatu which had a cyclone leaving death and destruction in its wake several months ago. Their infrastructure and needs are basic, but it is clear the people are suffering. My heart goes out to them.

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Being criticised? Stay Compassionate with these 8 Tips

got-compassionWhile you can try to get out of the way of critical people, and they aren’t the first people who spring to mind when you want to hang out with someone, you are bound to run into them in life. It’s never a good idea to lower your standards and diminish your self-worth by responding to criticism with criticism. It’ll make you feel good to stay compassionate while still getting your message across.

Here are eight ways to handle the critical people in your life with compassion:

  1. Don’t Take It Personally

Mostly, their criticisms reflect more about themselves than about you and they react like this because of certain beliefs and frameworks they have about life. You may think the critical person is all out to get you, but it’s more likely he/she reacts like this to everyone.

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10 Ways to Deal with Having Tough Conversations

Delivering unpleasant news, correcting misunderstandings, confronting a friend or family member, and dealing with hard-to-talk-about issues are the kinds of tough conversations most of us dread. They’re a part of life though, and we can’t avoid them. Instead of getting stressed, get knowledgeable!

Here are 10 things you can do to help make your essential conversation productive and painless,

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Perseverance Pays: Part Two

never give up2My goal is providing the EKO service where people support people to be the best they can be.

There are times on my journey when I’ve wanted to quit. Some of those times have been not because I didn’t believe in my dream, but other things have come up in my life and I questioned myself as to whether I wanted to go on. Should I just settle back to an easier life? Other times I’ve stopped – reflected – and realised the path needs to change. Another path is needed to get us to where we’re going. Different support was needed. I’ve stopped and got my head into the

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Perseverance Pays: Part One

Dont give upThere is never one thing that determines success when you’re working hard to achieve something significant in your life.  At different times you need different things, whether it is courage, support, focus, innovative thinking, rejuvenation, willpower, love, patience…  So many things.

Something that sits alongside all these things is perseverance.  To achieve significant things for ourselves isn’t all easy

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Letting Go: Part Two

never let

In Part One of this article on letting go of relationships that are not working for you, and holding you back, we looked at why you need to let go in order to be your very best.  In this second, and final part, I will look a little more inwardly at my journey, and what I did.

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Letting Go: Part One

Letting go 1

Want to hear a specific example of courage?  Well one that I think took some.  One that results in healthy love and compassion for yourself, and making a choice between trying to be the best you can be in an environment of negative energy, or changing things to remove the negative element.  Well you’ve come to the right place.  The reason I say example of courage is two-fold.